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Get Involved with Marine Rescue NSW

If you can send an email and find a channel on your car radio, even if you don’t have a boating bone in your body but have a green thumb, then you probably have what it takes to find a useful role in Marine Rescue as a volunteer.

Things you can do:

Become a crewman, become a radio operator, become a rescue boat skipper, help us to fundraise, and enjoy the social life amongst a friendly team of community service orientated people.


If you have marine skills already… GREAT. If not, we can teach you everything from the ground up including getting your NSW Maritime Boating Licence, First Aid and your Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency. Yes, there will be some costs involved, but we do everything we can to keep these down.

We are also keen to recruit people with administration skills including accountancy and other backgrounds including engineering, electrical, carpentry and plumbing to assist in the smooth running of a Unit.


Just call in to the Marine base on the Forster breakwall on Monday or Thursday morning. There will be someone there who can give you all the information you need.
Or fill out the form below and one of our members will be in touch with you!

We look forward to meeting you…