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Marine Rescue Radio Club

Marine Rescue Radio Club

Marine Rescue Radio Club – is a time-saving, simplified service for boat owners offered by the Marine Rescue NSW and all boat owners are encouraged to join.

When a boat owner logs on for tracking, Marine Rescue NSW is required by Water Police and the State Rescue Board to obtain certain information. Members will already have this information recorded on a secure database and all that is required for each new log on are details of the new voyage or day trip. Personal information is kept confidential and accessible only by Marine Rescue NSW and Search and Rescue authorities, if the need arises.

Each Member is issued with a unique call-sign e.g. FT123, to use when contacting us.

Not only does this save you radio time, it also saves you having to broadcast personal information on the marine radio every time you log on for tracking.

What is Tracking?

The ability to communicate with others in an emergency is one of the most important resources for safety at sea. Tracking is a radio safety procedure that ensures trained radio operators know you’re out there in case something goes wrong.

When you leave for a trip – inshore or offshore, short or long – you call up and log on with Marine Rescue and advise your departure and voyage details. On day trips you also call in on return to log off. For coastal voyages, your sailing plans are passed on to the Marine Rescue bases en route. Position checks at pre-scheduled times are arranged. If you are overdue, or have not logged off, Marine Rescue NSW will start checking and organise assistance if necessary.

How do I log on with Marine Rescue Radio Club?

Use the normal calling channels/frequencies on your VHF, MF/HF or 27 MHz marine radio and normal calling procedures – call us three times and identify yourself three times e.g. “Marine Rescue Forster Tuncurry, Marine Rescue Forster Tuncurry, Marine Rescue Forster Tuncurry this is MyBoat (your call sign), calling on channel 16 (pronounced “ONE SIX” or your channel), over”.

When responding we will ask you to go to a working channel/frequency. Then we need only to obtain details of the number of persons on board, where you are going and estimated time of return (or arrival at your next destination). It’s that easy!

Do I have to join the Marine Rescue Radio Club?

Logging on and off with Marine Rescue is a FREE service provided by Marine Rescue NSW in the interests of safer boating. It is not mandatory to join but when you do, you won’t have to broadcast your personal details on the radio, you’ll enjoy faster communication and that means more time boating.

What does it cost?

At Forster Tuncurry the charge is $30 per year. Members are then issued with a unique call sign and membership card.

It’s a very smart form of insurance.

Marine Rescue Radio Club membership improves your safety at sea and gives you and your loved ones greater confidence that if an emergency occurs, someone who can make a difference will know about it faster and alert Search and Rescue services.

To join the Radio Club, complete the below form – take this, and your membership fee into the base during normal business hours.

FT01-006 Radio Club Application Rev 5