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History of Marine Rescue Forster Tuncurry


In 1937 the Volunteer Coastal Patrol was formed at the suggestion of the Royal Australian Navy.

In 1974 Queen Elizabeth II granted the privilege of adding the prefix “Royal” to the name.

In 1999 the patrol affiliated with the State Emergency Service but remained autonomous for operational purposes.

In July 2009 Volunteer Marine Rescue NSW was formed, amalgamating the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol, the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association and the Volunteer Rescue Association’s marine fleet into a single integrated service.

Local Scene

Before October 1987, radio enthusiast Michael Waldock had been conducting a Marine Radio Service from his home in Tuncurry. On 26th October 1987 at a public meeting, the Forster Tuncurry Radio Base Club was formed and a base was set up on the Main Beach at Forster.

In 1989 the Radio Club officially became known as the Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol.

On 8th May 2005 the Rescue Base on the Forster Breakwall opened.

In July 2009 we became known as Marine Rescue Forster Tuncurry.

Our rescue base is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have two boats to allow us to assist at sea and on the lake. We maintain standards set by The NSW Rescue Board and the NSW Water Police.

We are still a volunteer organisation, we rely on local support and we welcome new members.